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5 Supernatural Crime Shows Like Lucifer

Starring: Tom Ellis and Lauren German

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Lucifer is a new twist on a detective show. The devil has decided to settle down in Los Angeles because he’s bored in hell, mortals are more fun to play with. He uses his charms and great looks to know what people desire. This series also revolves around a detective called Chloe with whom the devil cannot seem to resist.

In this show, Lucifer uses his demonic desire powers to help out Chloe in her cases, whether she wants him there or not. Lucifer is on a new mission, to help out humanity.

If you’ve enjoyed Lucifer, here are some other supernatural crime show alternatives that you will enjoy as well. If you want to purchase the instant videos or the entire series, you can find the best place to buy tv series on DVD by clicking on the buttons provided. If you get Amazon Prime, you might be able to find these tv shows for free.


Starring: Rose McGiver, David Anders, and Robert Buckley

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iZombie is a perfect addition to shows similar to Lucifer, it is about a med student named Liv, who decides to give up her boring life of staying home and go out on a boat party. She should have picked another party, this one turned her into a zombie.

Consequently, Liv has to work as a coroner to be able to have a fresh supply of brains to keep her nourished. The brains give her the personality of the deceased and with this, she helps Detective Babineaux solve their murder cases.

iZombie is one of the most original shows like Lucifer.

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Starring: Alex O’Loughlin and Sophia Myles

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Moonlight was an amazing addition to shows like Lucifer on NBC, that was canceled too soon. It centered on a private detective named Mick St-John.

Mick is a vampire, he has all the attributes you’d expect, strength, speed, good looks, but he will not drink from humans. In this story, he meets Beth a feisty journalist and they join forces to solve strange happenings in Los Angeles. If you loved the other Lucifer show recommendations, you will love Moonlight. Moonlight will get you hooked, guaranteed. If you’re wondering where to buy old tv shows on DVD, like this one, follow the link provided.

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Pushing Daisies

Starring: Lee Pace, Anna Friel, and Kristin Chenoweth

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One of the best shows like Lucifer is about crime with a twist. Ned is a pie maker who, since childhood, can touch something that is dead and bring it back to life but if he touches it again, it dies forever.

Sounds cool right? It is to ask bodies how they were murdered to help family members move on and solve some strange cases but it’s not so good for his dog Digby and the love of his life ‘’Chuck’’. Pushing Daisies is one of the best supernatural crime shows like Lucifer.

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Sleepy Hollow

Starring: Tom Mison and Abbie Mills

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Sleepy Hollow is another one of the best shows like Lucifer about supernatural crime. Based on the story called ”The Headless Horseman”. Ichabod Crane comes back from the dead 2 1/2 centuries after his death. He now has to uncover the mystery that leads back to the day of the founding fathers.

He meets Agent Abigail Mills who explains the present to him and helps him discover secrets of the past while fighting demons of the present.

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Starring: David Giuntoli, Russell Hornsby and Silas Weir Michell

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Lastly, we must tell you about this animalistic series in shows like Lucifer. Detective, Nick Burkhardt, has seen some horrific crimes, but nothing prepares him for the obscure visions he begins seeing, normal people turning into hideous creatures.

A visit from his aunt makes everything clear. Nick must learn to fight these creatures and continue being a detective. Grimm is an exciting supernatural addition to series like Lucifer, not to be missed! The button provided will lead you towards the cheapest place to buy tv series online, Amazon. Check out Amazon Prime, before buying any series online, you might be able to get your series for free.

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