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5 Special Things From The Heartland Tv Series

There’s a lot of Heartland merchandise available on the internet. We’ve added a twist to your shopping experience. Our Heartland stuff listed below is something related to a specific Heartland cast member. You can find something related to Jack, Amy, Ty, Georgie, and Caleb on the list below. Own something that looks just like what’s found in the popular Heartland tv series. Enjoy!

Jack Bartlett 

jack Bartlett guitar heartland



Jack sure loves his music on the tv series Heartland. This vintage Paul Bret ‘Statesboro’ 12 string acoustic guitar closely resembles what Jack uses on the show. Sing a little song and play a little tune with the sweet sound this guitar makes. You’ll love the cool feel and lightweight handle each time you play. Write your own music or sing a classic with this acoustic guitar.

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Amy Fleming



amy fleming spartan saddle

The Heartland show wouldn’t be without an exceptional collection of saddles. Amy has a large collection just to herself. This Tahoe Dakota Western Roping Saddle is an almost perfect match to what Amy uses when she rides Spartan. This saddle is ultra comfortable for your and your horse when you ride and is made with drum dyed leather and designed by hand. The Heartland tv series wouldn’t exist without their horses and saddles, and this one is one of the best and most beautiful ones on the show.

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Ty Borden


ty borden engagement ring heartland

Ty might not have known it, but he was in love with Amy for a very long time. That’s why he finally decided to propose. It might not have gone exactly as he planned but it all worked out in the end, in the Heartland tv series. Ty picked a simple band and a medium sized diamond to adorn Amy’s finger. You can also buy a very similar ring for someone you love. This 14k white gold round cut diamond ring is absolutely gorgeous. If you buy your lady a ring that resembles the one Amy got on Heartland on CBC, she’ll say yes for sure. We guarantee.

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Georgie Fleming Morris

georgie fleming morris team jacket

Georgie loves to ride, and during her training and competitions, she usually wears a team outfit. This wine colored all-in-one Nobel Outfitters jacket is a perfect match. The only difference between this one and Georgie’s is the stitching. You could always add whatever you want to your own, for a small cost at a tailor. The CBC Heartland show works hard to pair the styles to fit the atmosphere of the show. This all-in-one jacket will fit perfectly with any lifestyle you might live. It really is a great all-in-one coat.

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Caleb Odell

caleb odell cowboy hat heartland


In the Heartland tv series, Caleb is famous for his black hat. He wears it everywhere he goes. If you want to look just as handsome as Caleb does in the Heartland series, you should consider getting your own Brick Crown Ribbon Felt Hat in black. This cowboy hat is one of the best articles you can find that resembles what the Heartland actors would wear on the set. Get your own and let it keep you out of the sun and give you a cool style.

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