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Timeless Changes Throughout History

timeless infographic


Timelines that have been changed in Timeless.

Timeless is one of the best tv shows on air today. This time traveling tv series is a fan favorite. Timeless was canceled after its first season, but because of its beloved followers, Timeless was brought back to life after only 3 days. This series follows a history professor, an engineer, and a soldier as they try to find a stolen time machine through time. The trio must learn to work together as they try their best not to change anything in the timeline they visit because a small change in the past can epically change the future. This task will be hard because the man that they are chasing is changing the world, one time jump at a time. If you want to understand the jumps that the crew have made in the first season of Timeless, take a look at our infographic above. A short synopsis of each historical event is mentioned, without giving away any spoilers. For more shows like Timeless click here, and be sure to watch Timeless season 2 to discover where and when the crew will go next. Enjoy!

S01E01 The Hindenburg 1937

The Hindenburg disaster doesn’t happen. The return flight to Europe is carrying important people in history that have become the next target.

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S01E02 Ford’s Theatre April 14th 1865

This is the date of Abraham Lincoln’s assassination. The goal has changed and more are supposed to die this memorable night.

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S01E03 Las Vegas 1962

Atomic testing is all the rage in the Nevada desert in 1962. A plutonium core is the coveted treasure of the day.

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S01E04 Germany 1944

A nuclear weapon is planned to be given to the Nazis but a James Bond-like adventure might put things back on track.

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S01E05 The Alamo March 2nd 1836

Due to an unexpected death, an important letter isn’t delivered on time, which causes the Alamo battle to begin earlier than expected.

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S01E06 The Watergate Scandal 1972

The search for the Watergate tapes is on. Whoever finds them first will get to hear what’s missing on them in the future.

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S01E07 The French and Indian War 1754

A broken time machine in the middle of a dangerous war. What could possibly go wrong?

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S01E08 The Manned Spacecraft Center July 20th, 1969

The Apollo 11 moon landing mission loses communication before the first moonwalk because of a modern day computer virus.

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S01E09 Arkansas 1934

Bonnie and Clyde find a new pair to team up with and the chase is on to grab a unique key that might unlock the secrets of the past, present, and future.

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S01E10 New York September 25th 1780

Benedict Arnold is captured on the day he planned to surrender West Point to the British Army and the man that started it all is found.

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S01E11 Chicago World’s Fair 1893

Harry Houdini helps the group save Thomas Edison, Henry Ford and J.P. Morgan and the first known serial killer is discovered.

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S01E12 The Wild West April 3rd, 1882

Jesse James doesn’t die the day he should’ve, so he continues to wreck havoc across the land.

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S01E13 Toledo, Ohio 1983

In the middle of a horrible storm, Wyatt tries to keep Jessica’s killer’s parents from hooking up the day of his conception.

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S01E14 Paris May 21st 1927

The Spirit of St. Louis is shot down, causing history to be changed instantly, and Charles Lindbergh is held hostage.

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S01E15 Chicago 1931

During Prohibition, Al “Scarface” Capone isn’t sent to jail when he is supposed to, so the trio must find someone who can put him behind bars.

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S01E16 Washington D.C. 1954

An important time and place in history is visited that could change the fate of the future world.

What historical event from the past would you change if you could? Let us know in the comments below.

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