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4 Twin Shows Like Orphan Black

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Starring: Tatiana Maslany

Sarah is a street smart chameleon in the Orphan Black tv series. She is an outsider and a punk. One night she witnesses a woman commit suicide by jumping in front of a subway. The woman was an identical match to herself. Sarah gathers the woman’s stuff and takes on her identity. Soon after, Sarah finds other women who look just like her, like twins.

Sarah was adopted, are all these girls her sisters? There are too many, Sarah soon finds out she is a clone and all the girls that look like her are clones too. Get ready to unravel a mystery involving pretty bad people and lots of secrets. Here are some more twin shows like Orphan Black that will make you think you are seeing double.

The Lying Game

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Starring: Alexandra Chando, Allie Gonino, Blair Redford, and Alice Greczyn

Emma and Sutton are long lost twins, separated when they were very young. Sutton was raised by the Mercer’s, a very wealthy family. And Emma was thrown from one foster family to another. They find out about each other through social media and decide to meet up in secret. Sutton is tired of her disciplined and closed in life, she makes Emma switch with her since they are identical twins. Emma’s switch is perfect. A family is something she never had, and a rich family to boot. Nothing could be better. Everything is fine until Emma starts to uncover secrets and lies about her new friends and family members in this twin series called The Lying Game.

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Starring: Sarah Michelle Gellar, Ioan Gruffudd, Kristoffer Polaha, and Zoey Deutch

Bridget had a hard life and is trying to get it back on track, being six months sober is a good start. She has an estranged twin sister called Siobhan. Siobhan is pampered, snobby, rich, and has a perfect marriage. Siobhan invites Bridget on a boat trip to reminisce and disappears overboard. Bridget doesn’t know what to do, but she does see an opportunity. Bad men are after her, so the best place to hide would be in plain sight, as her own sister. And that’s just what Bridget does in this series called Ringer. Bridget is now Siobhan, she must play the game. Become her self-centered and arrogant sister. Everyone has to believe the lie. Things aren’t always as they seem and Bridget soon discovers that Siobhan also had a lot of problems in her life despite the perfect image she put off. Enjoy this manipulative addition to shows like Orphan Black that makes you wonder if Bridget should have just kept her own identity that day on the boat.

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In this show that is similar to Orphan Black, “twin-tuition” is put to the test. The VH1 Twinning series puts 12 sets of twins up against each other for a grand prize of $222,222.22. The games won’t be easy, the twins strengths and weaknesses will be tested, and the twists will come in double. The last set of twins standing wins the prize! Get ready for some double excitement in this competitive series found among these twin shows like Orphan Black!

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Evil Twins

evil twins

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Starring: Real People (Documentary)

The other Orphan Black suggestions are scripted and made up. This series, called Evil Twins, is about true twin stories. The story goes that there is always one good twin and one evil twin, this show is about the evil one. Twins that have committed crimes, slept with their sister’s husband and even set up the other twin for murder. After watching one of the darkest shows like Orphan Black, you can decide if there really is a good and an evil twin.

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